Parque Barigui is the most visited park in the city, and the third largest Curitiba Park.

It has a lake with an area of 230,000 m² (2,475,700 sq.ft.) which flows into Barigui River.

Several species of animals live free in the park, such as birds, capybaras and other native animals that make Barigui their habitat.

The amenities of the park include: barbecue areas, kiosks, bicycle and model airplanes tracks, multisports courts, fitness equipment, parking, restaurant, playground, automobile museum, exhibition and convention center hosting several events year-round, “Estação Maria Fumaça” (train station), and the headquarters of the Municipal Department of the Environment.

It features a helipad, which offers panoramic flight services over the city of Curitiba, on weekends only.

It can be visited daily, at any time.


- Bigorrilho e Cascatinha neighborhoods, between BR-277 (Rodovia do Café) and Avenida Manoel Ribas.

It can also be reached via Avenida Cândido Hartmann.

Public transportation (bus):

- Bigorrilho Praça Tiradentes

- Alimentador São Braz Terminal station Campina do Siqueira

- Linha Turismo