Botanical Garden

O Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter foi inaugurado em 1991, com uma área de 245 mil m². Seus jardins geométricos e a estufa de três abóbadas tornaram-se um dos principais cartões postais de Curitiba.Veja mais
Parque Barigui

Barigui Park

Parque Barigui is the most visited park in the city, and the third largest Curitiba Park. It has a lake with an area of 230,000 m² (2,475,700 sq.ft.) which flows into Barigui River. Several species of animals live free in the park, such as birds, capybaras and other native animals that make Barigui their habitat. […]Veja mais

Ópera de Arame

Over a 7,200 m² (77,500 sq.ft.) lake, through an elevated walkway, you have access to this theater which is a benchmark for modern architecture in Curitiba. Built in an inactive quarry, the stage is 400 m² (4,306 square feet), and the audience has 1998 seats (including standard seats and boxes). Opened in 1992, this project […]Veja mais

Tanguá Park

Located in a 235,000 m² (2,530,000 sq.ft.) area that previously hosted a set of inactive quarries. It was opened in 1996 and helps to preserve the north basin of Barigui River, very close to its source in the town of Almirante Tamandaré. It has two lakes and an artificial tunnel, through which visitors can go […]Veja mais

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer was responsible for the architectural design of the museum, with 33,000 m² (355,200 sq.ft.) of floor space, of which 15,300 m² (164,700 sq.ft.) are used for exhibitions, housed in a complex of 144,000 m² (1,550,000 sq.ft.) that includes Bosque Papa João Paulo II and Aldeia da Cultura. The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) is […]Veja mais

Rua XV de Novembro

Also called Rua das Flores (flower’s street), this is a charming pedestrian area in downtown Curitiba, just a few blocks from Hostel Roma. Many shops, cafes, the famous “Bondinho da XV”, and one of the most notable buildings is the “Palácio Avenida”, which hosts the most famous Christmas performances in the country! Therefore, Curitiba is […]Veja mais